Sunday, April 20, 2008



DI tonight witnesses first hand my son's first real words. "Cheers!" he says as he clinks his plastic closed kiddie cup with our wine glasses and stubbies. A class act.

It's a crappy wet Sunday Autumn afternoon and my wife calls me to tell me she bought a kilo of cryovacced Boston Bay mussels. My partner in crime, DI and I b-line it for the bottle shop and the local shop before it shuts. Need tomatoes, garlic, pick parsley from the cafe garden, beer (Birra Moretti seeing as were doing Italian. . .). Better get Vodka too. Zubrowka at that. Tonic. Frozen water.

Anyway, we arrive. A 1.5 kg snapper, whole baked en papillotte hits the table (a credit to my wonderful wife who has a way with parchment and alfoil baked parcels!), with roasted spuds, corn and broccoli steamed to perfection. A short pause later and DI rinses off the mussels as I prep up the sauce:

olive oil to start
2 x Roma tomatoes
1/2 a Spanish onion
3 x cloves garlic, sliced coarsely
glass (don't be shy) of good white wine
small bunch parsley, chopped

Usual story, soften the onion in the oil in a heavy based pot, add tomato and garlic, then wine, cook off a little, throw mussels in and cover. When half of the mussels have opened, add the parsley. Cover again. Eat as soon as you can. Use the shells as a spoon to drink the leftover liquor. Yay!

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